How to choose your university while you plan to study in Germany

Apply study in Germany for Indonesian has become more popular recently. There is more than 18.000 study course that available and offered by Germany universities. After you choose which study course that you want to pursue, the next step that you need to do is choose the university that you want to apply. Choose the right one of the universities in Germany is very important. Therefore, it should make decisions that wise and thoughtful.

  •    Check the university ranking. The first step you need to do is check for the ranking of the university. You should know that there is a difference between university ranking and department ranking. The university ranking is based on the overall performance of all departments. You need to be very specific with the ranking of the department that you desire to apply.
  •    On the basis of courses offered. After choosing which study of course that you want to pursue, then you should make a shortlist the universities. You need to shortlist universities that offer the best program in the field of study that you have chosen.
  •    On the basis of the entrance test. In Germany, all of the universities are autonomous. For example, they are not governed by a state. This means that every university has it’s regulation and concern regards to the courses that they are offered.
  •    The climatic condition and the university location. Checking the location of the university when you apply to study in Germany is very important because some places in Germany have climates that extreme. You also should check for the accommodation cost and also daily necessity cost you will spend depend on the towns or city that you choose. The other facilities such as the library also need to be considered when choosing the universities.
  •    Higher education accreditation. Accreditation is the validation process which colleges, universities or other institution of higher learning and evaluated. Some university has an excellent initiative that is the additional funding that provided while shortlist the universities.


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